Grape Seed Innovation

What we do

Green Gold International Ltd. is the first Bulgarian company to install facilities for the large- scale production of cold pressed grapeseed oil.

About the project
The technology results from our belief in the circular economy. We source a waste by-product that is potentially ecologically unfriendly and convert it to a consumer good with a value added.
We rely on the rich winemaking traditions of Bulgaria, partnering with wineries in the Thrace Valley region, to source both white and red grape marc – the starting inputs for the production of grapeseed oil.


Once delivered to our plant, the input goes through various stages of separation, drying, sorting and cleaning. The seeds then go into our cold press oil production line that is designed to yield the finest unrefined cold pressed grapeseed oil. The entire process from delivery of the pomace to the ready oil requires attention and fine-tuning of many details. This is where our innovation stems from.
We have managed to find the optimal conditions for drying the inputs, sorting the seeds from the skins and other impurities. Grape seeds have a hard coating and reducing their internal moisture so they reach an optimal state for oil-pressing is also a challenge. Not to mention that once ready to press, the seeds have a hard coating that requires a special type of industrial press that does not easily wear off or break. Green Gold International Ltd. sells cold pressed grapeseed oil under a private label as well as in bulk.