Grape Seed Oil

  • Botanical name:
    vitis vinifera
  • INCI (EU):
  • CAS Registry No.:
    84929-27-1 / 8024-22-4
  • Extraction method:
    cold pressed, extra virgin
  • Refinement techniques:
    unrefined, no chemical processing
  • Maximum extraction temperature:
    38 ° C
  • Ingredients:
    100% Pure & Natural Grape Seed Oil
    Unrefined, Partially Filtered, Extra Virgin
  • Characteristics
    Texture - light and semi-dry oil
    Absorption rate - moderately fast
    Color - yellowish green
    Aroma - nutty and chocolate
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Food Grade
  • Origin:
    Bulgaria, European Union
  • Packaging:
    10 kg – 1000 kg.
  • MSDS
  • Paraben-free. Sulfate-free. Colorant-free. Preservative-free. Additive-free

Green Gold International Ltd. is an expert in cold pressed grape seed oil

grape seed oil

We are an EU wholesale manufacturer of cold-pressed grapeseed oil. Our expeller pressed oil from grape seeds is made from the finest Bulgarian grape sorts and is 100% pure and natural. All of our oils are unrefined and virgin, ensuring the highest quality. In our manufacturing process we use the best and cleanest technology, preserving the product’s many health benefits. We offer both organic and conventional varieties, always tested and controlled.  We sell and ship in bulk worldwide, EU being our primary market.  Product specification sheets, certificates of analysis and other relevant documentation is available upon request to potential buyers.

We are a leading manufacturer with extensive capabilities


Green Gold International Ltd. is the leading grape seed oil manufacturer in Bulgaria. Our company was officially founded in 2021 after a couple of years of testing and research into the latest technologies and capabilities. As grape seed oil producers we start with sourcing the best grape varieties, delivered to our facilities as grape marc or pomace. Subsequently, our many stages of processing yield the finest and purest cold pressed grape seed oil. Since grape seed oil is a type of vegetable oil, as manufacturers Green Gold International Ltd. adheres to most of the established technologies but also add a few extra steps to ensure optimal conditions are present when pressing the grape seed. 

We operate in bulk and wholesale in the EU and worldwide

We offer our cold pressed grape seed oil wholesale. Our company delivers to various industries and needs, viz. cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies, and sourcing firms. If you are wondering where to buy grape seed oil in bulk, Green Gold International Ltd. is your go-to destination. We ensure prompt lead times and almost always have the product in stock. Naturally, for our cold pressed grape seed oil bulk price is an option that varies according to your desired quantities. Minimum orders start at 200 kg. Our company sells grape seed oil wholesale to clients around the world, and since our inception the European Union has been our primary export destination. 

Offering both organic and conventional

100% organic stamp with grunge effect.

Through our cooperation with organic wine producers, we can also supply organic grape seed oil. For clients that consider the organic/bio certification important, we offer our organic grape seed oil wholesale. You have to enquire about availabilities since the quantities we can supply here are more limited. At Green Gold International Ltd. we use a tested and certified technology to press the organic seeds to yield a 100% pure organic oil.

The wonder of our product


Our cold pressed unrefined grape seed oil has a plethora of benefits for the hair, skin, nails and your general well-being. The abundance of polyphenols and omega 6 fatty acids makes this oil a powerful antioxidant, reducing signs of aging, sun spots and wrinkles. This oil is rich in catechins which lend it potent anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Easily absorbed, it renders the skin supple and moisturized. When used on your hair, this oil restores shine and strengthens strands. Suitable for various cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations.