Green Gold Int.
manufactures premium cold-pressed oils
for various industries.



For the food industry we supply various cold-pressed oils and flours. Grape seed oil, sunflower seed oil, flax seed oil and sesame seed oil are our main products for this market. The resulting fiber-rich grape seed flour and protein-rich sunflower seed flour are sought after for baking, pasta and food supplement ingredients.


All of our cold-pressed oils find applications in the cosmetics industries, most notable being grape seed oil and rose hip seed oil due to their universality with skin types, notoriously strong antioxidant properties and benign effects on the skin. Our seed extracts also work their way into face skin products as an active ingredient.


Our cold-pressed oils are of the highest quality with fully preserved natural properties. This makes them, and the corresponding seed extracts, pharma grade material used in extensive areas from skin issues to liver health and heart problems.

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