Our Technology

Green Gold International is returning to the roots of oil manufacturing by combining newest technologies with old methods in order to extract the oil in its natural form and keep maximum of its healthy features.

Processing capabilities

In no stage of oil production are critical temperatures exceeded, meaning our oils are not only cold pressed but their oilseeds are also dried under controlled temperatures. Our oil presses manage an average extrusion temperature of 37 °C thanks to their innovative architecture. Cold purification of the oil is also part of the production process, ensuring highest quality of the end oil reaching our clients.

Cold Press Technology

What is the difference between cold press and refining technologies and what are the benefits of cold pressing? See what we have learned and implemented in our production.

Grape seed Innovation

The innovative grape seed extraction technology results from our belief in the circular economy. We rely on the rich winemaking traditions of Bulgaria as the starting inputs for the innovative production of grapeseed oil.