Green Gold Revolutionizes the Wine Industry in Bulgaria with Circular Economy

Green Gold Revolutionizes the Wine Industry in Bulgaria with Circular Economy

In a recent feature by, Green Gold’s groundbreaking approach to sustainability has been highlighted, showcasing our commitment to transforming the wine industry. 

As a company at the intersection of innovation and environmental stewardship, we’ve developed a circular economy model that turns wine production by-products into valuable, eco-friendly resources. 

Our dedication to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles is not just about doing business differently—it’s about creating a better future.

Our story

Founded on the innovative vision of Boyan Zahariev, Green Gold emerged from the idea that the remnants of wine production could fuel a sustainable business model. This concept led us to create a system where grape pulp and vine prunings are upcycled into high-quality grapeseed oil and bio pellets, demonstrating the untapped potential of wine industry waste. Our journey, celebrated in a Green Gold interview with, reflects our commitment to pioneering sustainable solutions and our ambition to lead the wine industry towards a greener horizon.

Transforming waste into wealth

Our collaboration with the wine industry goes beyond traditional business relationships. By collecting and repurposing grape pulp and vine prunings, we are not only helping wineries reduce their environmental footprint but also contributing to a larger movement towards sustainability. Our products, grapeseed oil and bio pellets, embody the essence of circular economy, turning what was once considered waste into valuable commodities.

The benefits of a circular economy

The circular economy model we champion offers profound advantages for the environment and the economy. Our efforts align with global initiatives like the European Green Deal, aiming for net-zero emissions and a sustainable future. By integrating ESG principles into our core operations, we’re not only making a positive impact on the planet but also paving the way for other businesses to follow suit.

Looking ahead

Our aspirations are as boundless as our commitment to sustainability. Building partnerships with wineries and exploring international markets are just the beginning. As Green Gold continues to grow, we remain focused on our mission to promote circular practices and sustainable business models across industries.

Green Gold’s innovative approach, highlighted in our recent interview with, is a testament to our goals and ambitions as an ESG-oriented company. 

Standing at the forefront of the wine industry’s transformation, we invite others to join us in embracing a more sustainable and circular future. Together, we can redefine what it means to be a business in the modern world, making strides towards sustainability that will resonate for generations to come.

If you would like to learn more about our next goals and our products, send us a message and we will come back to you.

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